Letters to the Editor

Letter: Charter schools

Northwest Professional Educators (NWPE), Idaho’s professional nonunion teachers association, recently profiled member Zach Parker, high school history teacher at Sage International Charter School, in honor of National Charter Schools Week. NWPE believes all educators, students and community members can learn from Parker’s experience and insights.

Parker appreciates the faculties’ shared priorities and the professional independence and interdependence that helps staff flourish. “Our charter school is unique in that every Friday is dedicated for professional development. Our sharing in and among different departments creates a cohesiveness that allows our staff to thrive as professionals.” Flexibility is also a key to the school’s success. “It allows us to make necessary cultural, schedule, and academic changes mid-year in order to help the staff and students.”

“We have to push ourselves and our peers to raise the bar. We have to have the hard conversations and develop support networks while we challenge each other to drop old, ineffective habits and replace them with research-proven, effective ones. Charters open the door for this to happen. It is our responsibility to walk through the door.”

NWPE is proud to support Mr. Parker and Sage International Charter School. Charter schools offer choice to all stakeholders.

Brenda Miller, Boise