Letters to the Editor

Letter: Memorial Day service

The Idaho State Veterans Cemetery Memorial Day Ceremony displayed honor and appreciation to all military members, past and present. Thank you to the 25th Army Band, the Idaho Civil War Volunteers, the USMC, the Boise Police Pipes and Drums, the Lakota Sioux representative and the Warhawk Air Museum, among many others.

I was very disappointed by our Idaho politicians. The governor chose to send the lieutenant governor, and Sen. Mike Crapo, Sen. Jim Risch and Rep. Mike Simpson chose to send someone to read a prepared message in order to be recognized on the program. Rep. Raul Labrador did deliver his own message, but his reference to understanding wearing a uniform because he went to a military school in his youth was a far cry from what we were there to honor.

Jimmie Foster, Adjutant, American Legion of Idaho, delivered an excellent keynote speech that spoke directly to the purpose of the attendees.

I think the acknowledged politicians need to be present themselves and, preferably, to have served in the military in order to be credible speakers. This is not a political moment but a chance for citizens and families to honor our military: fallen, missing, active, and veterans of all services.

Betsy Munkres, Meridian