Letters to the Editor

Letter: Benghazi investigation

The authors showed a lack of objectivity in claiming those Hillary Clinton emails contained no evidence to bolster she withheld security for the outpost there or deliberately misled the public about ties between the attack and al-Qaida terrorists. The Libyan ambassador made several appeals prior to the raid and his death urgently requesting more security and the State Department responded with posting poorly trained Libyans, known facts. Next Hillary relied on adviser friend Sidney Blumenthal for information, not the CIA, to claim the raid was not by al-Qaida, rather from rioters at the time. Within days Blumenthal texted Hillary that terrorists had been planning the assault for a month, yet Hillary continued to insist for weeks that rioters were responsible, not al-Qaida-affiliated terrorists. Next we have the issue of the classified document email listing the names of the terrorists arrested by the U.S. for the attack when the principal perpetrator was walking free in Benghazi. Hillary took the secretary of state position as a hoped for stepping stone to the presidency, so this is what we get to cover up what really happened? Would you really want to trust our nation’s security to Hillary Clinton?

Don Moris, Boise