Letters to the Editor

Letter: Online vs. newsprint

For people who think that a printed newspaper is a waste of time, you may not know what you’re missing. I get the paper version of the Statesman and have sometimes wanted to send articles to people who might be interested. But when I go to the online site, I have to search pretty hard to find them. If I didn’t get the printed version, I might not even know about a lot of news items.

For instance, this morning (May 25) there was an article about students preserving petroglyphs in Celebration Park, with some nice pictures. I wanted to send it to someone who had recently been at the park with me. It wasn’t listed on the homepage, so I typed in “Celebration Park,” and got several results, none actually dealing with Celebration Park.

The article did come up when I typed in petroglyphs, but there were no pictures.

Keep that newsprint coming.

Peggy Goodman, Meridian

Editor’s Note: There was a temporary technical issue with the online version that day.