Letters to the Editor

Letter: Abortion

I wish to comment on the letter by Brooke Robinson (May 22).

I agree that killing an unborn child is unthinkable. I don’t agree that abortion should be a choice.

When abortion was illegal some women had illegal abortions, but the number was not nearly as high as some believe. Also, I understand no abortion is safe.

Women still die from abortion. Abortion creates physical problems for women. Abortion creates emotional and behavioral problems for women. Abortion has led to increased violence against pregnant women. Women are pressured into having abortions. In case of incest, families pressure girls into having abortions to protect the family’s reputation. Abortion negatively affects women’s future relationships. Abortion affects women spiritually.

Some women who have abortions regret it, sometimes many years later.

There are institutions to help women with unintended pregnancies, for instance, Stanton Health Care.

Abortion should be illegal. Adoption is a much better choice.

Herb Killam, Wilder