Letters to the Editor

Letter: Recycling

I have been reading with interest the debate on recycling in Ada County. The recycling bins need to be picked up every week. I would take it one step further, however, and add that yard waste has to be picked up regularly. We fill the waste bins full on a regular basis with yard waste — tree trimmings, weeds, pruning materials. In the fall tons of leaves get picked up, but where do they go? The city needs to rethink the old-school attitude that every household needs one big can for garbage every week and only recycles minimally. For many people this is opposite. Except for the yard waste we never fill those gigantic brown bins. It is time for the city to take recycling seriously. Banning single-use plastic bags and bottles, a composting facility, rewarding those who recycle. The mindset that everything has to go in the garbage and then landfill has to change. Ada County can take the lead on this issue and it would be an important step in eliminating the amount of landfill materials.

Fran Ciarlo, Boise