Letters to the Editor

Letter: Wolves

I would like to thank Maurice Clements. It has been a long time since I have the pleasure of a Tex Avery cartoon on Saturday morning. Oh the images of a wolf in a Zoot suit, twirling a pocket chain, lurking behind a tree lying in wait for little Red Rancher.

When will Mr. Clements understand, we do not control this wondrous world, we are here to be good stewards of it. Since he has chosen a livelihood that relies on nature and its risks, why does the government need to fix it for him?

Isn’t that government assistance? You know, welfare.

Clements became a farmer and with that he knew the inherent risks, disease, weather and predators.

Silly human, wolves and predators like them have been around since the beginning of time and play an integral role in the course of nature; wolves are seen as creatures of strength and revered in almost every culture on earth. But because he had a business loss, he demonizes them, and of course “someone” better take care of it.

I am looking forward to the next cartoon, hopefully Foghorn Leghorn, “He’s a bright boy, but not too smart.”

Pamela Murray, Boise