Letters to the Editor

Letter: Wolves

Maurice Clements’ May 23 guest opinion shot off some pretty powerful language to vilify wolves in the wild, using words best left for describing sinister, two-legged humans.

He condemned wolves as rapists, pillagers and agents of massacre, concluding that Idaho should massacre the offending beasts first. “Traditional trophy deer and elk habitats have been sacked by wolves.” Sacked? Like Rome?  Mr. Clements is in dire need of a thesaurus and a course on natural habitat management.

His trophy hunting initiates unnatural selection and reverse evolution. The average survive while the best and strongest are killed for antlers. Wolves and other predators hunt the weak, thus ensuring survival of the fittest.

Perhaps the worst aspect of Mr. Clements incendiary argument is that he actually believes he knows more than the dedicated, highly qualified biologists from Idaho Fish and Game. Ungulate populations have also decreased because their habitat has declined due to fires, noxious weeds and changing climate issues. 

Seriously, Mr. Clements, since when do wolves rape, massacre or unnecessarily murder large populations indiscriminately? Do they plunder and loot like conquerors at war? Mr. Clements, go back to school and let the knowledgeable professionals at IFG do their job. Clearly the wolves have outsmarted you.

Misty Sterk, Eagle