Letters to the Editor

Letter: Public outrage

Where is the public outrage for our corrupt political system? The politicians vote in extreme pensions for themselves and Cadillac health care plans that go on for life. Then the politicians pander to civil service workers, police, firefighters and government workers with the same plans in order to get their votes. These practices are unsustainable, people are living longer and the economy is declining. On top of all that, the career politicians and other government workers get second jobs in government that allow for a second and third pension, double dipping. Most companies in the private sector have done away with pensions or lowered pensions because they are not affordable. Many politicians are wealthy before taking office, I suggest we elect only those politicians who pledge to forgo their pensions and health care plans and serve the public. Lee Iaccoca worked for $1 a year when Chrysler was in trouble financially. Why can’t the politicians? The politicians are no better than the rest of us, and voting themselves unreasonable perks is despicable. Let’s see some outrage at the polls.

John Vrbanac, Meridian