Letters to the Editor

Letter: Cliven Bundy

April was the “anniversary” of Cliven Bundy’s shenanigans in Nevada. Failure to fix the situation lends impetus to similar foolishness like the “Shovel Brigade.” Granted, Nevada has a lot of checkerboard ownership; difficulty of enforcement has led to agencies “looking the other way.” However, Bundy’s behavior is not representative of “America” or “freedom.” He is not a “hero” — just a bully who complies only if forced.

As a World War II veteran, this is not the “freedom” I laid my life on the line for. We owe allegiance to our government, country and flag. We do not have a right to stomp on others — including government employees. Unfortunately Hollywood mentality assigns white hats to all “cowboys.” It’s past time for government to remedy longstanding defiance by ranchers who believe they are above the law. If this means defusing a situation as was done in Nevada, then go on to round up the bad actors. Anarchist idiots need to own the consequences without crying over it or expecting back-pocket politicians to bail them out. Every time this happens, freedom means a whole lot less, and those trying to do right by their government and fellow men lose a whole lot more.

Jim Prunty, Twin Falls