Letters to the Editor

Letter: Food insecurity

About 205,671 people live in Boise; around 25,000 of those people are food insecure. Out of those 25,000 people, 6.4 percent of them are living below poverty level and are severely food insecure. Boise as a community needs to solve food insecurity. Classes held at the Boise Urban Garden School such as What’s Cookin’ Dinner Program specifically target the process of cooking and teaching participants knife skills, how to bake and sauté, and more. The importance of this class is that the kids can learn how to cook, and if their parents don’t know how to cook, they will have the ability to teach them. Donating to the Idaho Foodbank will help alleviate the statistics. I believe in educating people about the passions I care about because that brings more awareness. My dream is to bring healthy foods to the people in Boise who need it and educate people about the problem, because if I can accomplish that goal in one city, I can accomplish that goal somewhere else. Joseph Conor, Learning Ovation founder, is correct in saying an entire community must share the same vision to reach goals.

Fiona Montagne, Boise