Letters to the Editor

Letter: Economy

Have been in Idaho since 1936 and the economy is treating the people (labor force) the same as in the earlier local self-supporting industry community as then: a lot of blue-sky tax incentives by and for the business. Somehow the governor, politicians, commerce, legislature and the whole business community have got to come to realize that:

1) Labor is an asset as a learned or a paid-for-public educated trading tool. Money is an asset, owned or borrowed, as a trading instrument.

2) Bring the two together, labor asset and money asset and you then have created working capital.

3) And put the working capital to work in the gross domestic supply side, or production, industry or manufacturing.

4) Creating the service side: transportation, maintenance of home and commercial food supply, fuel supply, activities, and on and on, creating a very active volatile economy, livable incomes.

You do all of this over and over and the state and nation has a profitable self-supporting economic system.

John West, Boise