Letters to the Editor

Letter: Presidential candidates

The 2016 presidential primaries for both parties are still months away, however that hasn’t stopped the GOP clown car from getting packed with more lunatics, has-beens, and self-promoters with each passing week.

In the top tier, we have Jeb Bush, who has already failed to distance himself from the failed policies of his brother. Best example of this is his constant flip-flopping on whether or not the U.S. should have gone into Iraq. And he hasn’t even formally announced his presidential run yet ... yikes.

Then there is Rand Paul, who can’t make up his mind on where he really stands on the issues. One day he is his father’s son, and the next day he is an RNC mouthpiece.

The rest? There’s the conspiracy theorist senator from Texas, a failed HP CEO, the brain surgeon who thinks you can become gay if you go to prison, the bully from New Jersey, the warmongering senator from South Carolina, the huckster who became a Fox News host after his last presidential run, the neoconservative mouthpiece Rubio, Rick Santorum (hahaha) and many more to come. Throw in Palin, Trump, and Herman Cain and the GOP debates will become must-watch television.

Brandon Gordy, Boise