Letters to the Editor

Letter: Legislators

When Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of food, it was a lesson in selfishness, foolishness and impetuousness. His story was written in the Bible to be a lesson on not squandering what’s important.

On May 18 Idaho legislators sold my birthright, which is a constitutional republic of sovereign states. I made calls and begged them not to sell what is mine by birth, as an American. What is mine as an Idahoan. They did not care. They do not represent me. They were too interested in acquiescing to the federal government for mere money. No more.

Although I’m loathe to do so, it’s time for recall elections. Sen. Patti Anne Lodge is first on the list for handling the meeting with an iron fist and squelching dialogue.

Denise Giordano, Nampa