Letters to the Editor

Letter: Health care

Health care in Idaho (and the 23 other states that refused to accept Medicaid assistance so they can object to the Affordable Care Act) is a travesty.

I had to quit my job in December 2014 due to illness. I filed for disability (denied), and because I refuse to have my employer foot the bill, I quit, I didn’t wait for them to fire me when I could no longer work. COBRA was more money than I made in a month at my old job, and the “affordable” care was $250 a month. I required emergency surgery on May 8. Unfortunately, due to my circumstances, I am unable to receive Medicaid assistance, and therefore I am responsible for my bill unless I file as an “indigent” with the county. How is it possible that I live in the greatest country in the world, which coincidentally took half of my paycheck for 22 years, and yet I am not worthy for care?

Mary Elwood, Boise