Letters to the Editor

Letter: Liberals

Liberal hypocrite – wants to save the trees and and kill unborn children. Liberal hypocrite – says he will save you money by increasing your taxes, health care costs and decreasing your religious freedoms. Liberal president – promotes ending a war by releasing terrorists bent on waging war. Environmental hypocrite – against harvesting trees, carbon fuels and access to public lands, but live in houses made of wood, heated with natural gas or oil, electricity from coal or woodburning stoves, fly in airplanes and jets, and protest with “cellular” phones. Liberal spendthrift – always spends someone else’s money for their perks. Clinton Foundation – a cause without a cornerstone. Built on shifting sands in the Middle East and future good-looking interns at the White House. Acrobat – woman who can float on lies and still persuade liberals she is anchored in worthiness. Al Sharpton as her point man and Bill Clinton as her moral compass, how can she fail?

Gilbert J. Bolen, Boise