Letters to the Editor

Letter: Religious freedom

I see there are still individuals that tend to question the constitutionality of our freedoms — unless, of course, individuals want to use the Constitution to support their own warped ideology. Mr. and Ms. Baun’s letter (May 15) is filled with questions. I must assume that they have not studied the Bible or the Constitution. I suggest study (not just read) both. Please share letters you have written to the Muslim bakers and Imams who persecute homosexuals. I have studied many cult organizations that claim to be Christian, and evolution. I am currently studying the ideology in the Koran. Christians that follow the Bible do not practice hate speech regarding sinners (including sodomites). We practice prayer for the Holy Spirit to show the truth. If the sinner turns away from the truth, we follow 1 Corinthians (do not associate), Matthew 10 (leave in disdain) and Matthew 7 (do not give what is holy to those who will trample on it).

Why should I be a forced participant in a ceremony disdainful to me and God? All interested in learning and sharing are invited to the Boise Cracker Barrel every Saturday morning at 6:30 for fellowship. May God bless.

Harvey W. Beck, Boise