Letters to the Editor

Letter: Risch and Idaho Power

I was disappointed that Sen. Jim Risch wants to end the free enterprise system in support of monopolies. His efforts to allow Idaho Power to not purchase power from independent power producers will end independent power production in Idaho. No other utility in the nation has fought PURPA more vigorously than Idaho Power. Yet since PURPA was passed in 1978, the power from every generation plant constructed by Idaho Power has cost ratepayers significantly more than the power from PURPA plants. Idaho Power has always maintained they have a surplus of power and do not need power from independent power producers. This includes the period before Enron. Enron’s and the utilities’ lies cost ratepayers billions of dollars.

Risch has always made the case that the free enterprise system produces products cheaper and better than monopolies. Clearly, his actions do not support his rhetoric. His efforts are not good for our country and are a disaster for Idaho. Please tell the senator to strengthen the free enterprise system and require utilities to sell the lowest-cost power to ratepayers and shut down their costly fossil fuel power plants if they cannot compete with the power from independent producers.

John Crockett, Boise