Letters to the Editor

Letter: Calling on God

I noticed an interesting contrast in headlines on two recent editions of the Statesman. One day’s headline touted the decline of Christianity in America. It noted how many people in this country no longer are connected to the church and Christian belief. Many atheists would say this is a good thing and we are “evolving” as a nation. The next day’s headline at the top of the paper described how victims of the Amtrak train accident were praying to God for help during and after the accident. What a difference 24 hours makes. Have we become a nation of individuals who call on God only when we need him? Do we gleefully disparage Christians and their values and then view God only as some kind of cosmic insurance policy when disaster strikes? This should be a call to all of us that we should walk with God daily. These types of tragedies remind me of the verse in the Bible that talks about “calling on the Lord while He may be found.” We don’t honor God when we reject him at every turn and then call his name when we need a lifeline.

Jason Cooke, Boise