Letters to the Editor

Letter: Dr. Robert Sims

I attended BSU in the ’70s and took every class Dr. Robert Sims taught (I can’t call him Bob because I have too much respect for him, but I suspect he would have preferred that). Dr. Sims’ classes were always interesting and well taught. He was more of a wise elder than a classroom teacher; very personable and genuinely interested in you as a student and person. I was amazed some 30 years later when I ran into him at a school function and he called me by name as if I was in his class just yesterday.

I went on to teach history for over 30 years, and Dr. Sims’ lessons popped up in my classes over and over. His legacy will, thankfully, be passed on by many of us who were lucky enough to have sat at his feet and received his wisdom and insight. Well done, Dr. Sims.

Rob Blaine, Boise