Letters to the Editor

Letter: BSU housing

The upscale housing around Boise State is an eyesore that will add hundreds more to an already congested area, but I’m glad it’s coming. These out-of-state companies have beaten BSU to the draw, addressing a problem the university has sorely neglected: campus housing. BSU has given attention to accommodating traditional students through dormitory and alternative-styled housing. Their apartment communities, one of the only affordable living options for students with families in the area, is a joke. BSU’s largest apartment building has been converted to traditional student housing, leaving wait lists for the remaining four buildings often higher than the number of available apartments. Hopefully this influx of alternative living accommodations will draw traditional students out of university apartments, giving families a shot at higher education and affordability as well.

Since nontraditional students are becoming the silent majority of higher education, you’d think Boise State would value us as much as traditional students. Graduate students have housing specifically available for their occupancy, but a miniscule percentage of housing is dedicated to families. Dean Kennedy states concerns about out-of-state students’ abilities to afford the luxury housing. How about some concern for students with families and even tighter budgets?

Emily Allen, Boise