Letters to the Editor

Letter: Federal judge

I urge Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch to make the selection of Idaho’s next federal judge an open, bipartisan process.

We live in times when many voters are very suspicious of their government officials — at every level. One could list many times from which this mistrust was earned. We know officials tell us one thing and take completely different actions behind closed doors.

One way to restore faith in our government is to conduct its business in an open and honorable manner. The selection of a federal judge has an importance that lasts long beyond the tenure of our senators. Rulings made by the next federal judge will affect Idahoans for years. Our senators must move beyond secrecy. Their selection process should include candidates with an understanding of the law and the integrity to make judgments based on the law, not preconceived viewpoints. This process should be open to men and women who have earned, through years of experience, the right to be considered.

Senators Crapo and Risch, bring this process into the light of day. Create a bipartisan panel like the one used in the last selection process. Represent all of your state’s citizens.

Kathy Scott, president, AAUW Idaho, Boise