Letters to the Editor

Letter: Thank you

Many thanks to the staff of Rep. Mike Simpson, and especially Julie Harwood in his Boise office, for their kind help to a family member recently. On very short notice, they arranged to have a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol during Memorial Day weekend in honor of one of Idaho’s great Marines, Lt. Col. Wilford Overgaard, who died on May 20.

He was born in Dingle, Idaho, in 1925 and enlisted in the Marines at age 18. He served in the infantry during three wars — in the Pacific Theater during World War II, in the mountains of Korea during the Korean War, and in the Vietnam War for two tours. He retired from the Marines in the 1970s after 21 years of active service and 24 years of total service.

It meant a lot to our family that Rep. Simpson’s staff went out of their way to help recognize Lt. Col. Overgaard’s extraordinary service and courage. Thanks very much.

Mark Bieter, Washington, D.C.