Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s

We’re sorry to report that the lovely, vital East End Neighborhood has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 St. Luke’s Cancer. This insidious cancer has been kept at bay since it was first detected in the 1980s with the closure of Bannock Street, but the patient is no longer in remission. St. Luke’s Cancer is an aggressive, terminal disease that first clogs major arteries that supply the neighborhood, choking off all important access to the heart of the city. The patient’s arteries are inundated with unpleasant and foreign objects, making movement slow and painful. It then sends toxic fumes that make it hard for the patient to breath. The patient gradually declines until nothing is left but the ugly shell of a once beautiful neighborhood. When asked what the doctors can do for the neighborhood, they said that St. Luke’s Cancer is really a blessing in disguise. Their prescription is to take a “bike path” and a “ roundabout” daily for the rest of your life and that will clear everything up just fine.

Joan Rands, Boise