Letters to the Editor

Letter: College sociology

Unless we encourage and accept negative criticism, we will never improve.

Luckily, we people living here in the Treasure Valley, are surrounded by many, many wonderful young people. I have had the opportunity to talk to several of them that are attending one of the colleges in the valley. I was surprised to find that they are getting short-changed in some subjects, particularly in sociology.

What I have found most disturbing is that they are not given a yardstick by which they can make comparisons or judgments in view of the situation. A house cannot be built to stand on its own unless you have a yardstick in hand.

So what is the basis for sociology? Simply put, the study of tools and symbols with their purposeful attitudes embodied within them and what they produced. With this in hand, one can see and understand the development of the various cultures throughout history. Sociology tends o make a person more objective in his thinking, rather than making judgment calls based upon opinions, (Big “I”).

On the premise that one must live first before one can specialize, sociology should be a prerequisite to all subjects dealing with humanity.

Robert E. Mitchell, Boise