Letters to the Editor

Letter: Made in USA

Do you ever wonder why so many jobs are sent overseas? Let me guess who is sending them from our country while our people are looking for work. We are. Yep, when we buy an American flag that is made in China, we ship some jobs there. And the list goes on and on. Our corporations wish to make profits. How is that done? They pay as little as possible in getting a product made. Then they charge as much as they can when they sell it. Magic.

Remember: Naughty China is a Communist country. Oh my. So if you look to see where the things you buy are made, it could make a positive difference for America. Yes, globalism is a nice idea on paper. But we must learn to play by the new rules or pay the piper, or the profit makers here and around the world. Be ready, my fellow Americans, because it will not become better without our choices.

Thomas E. Edgar, Boise