Letters to the Editor

Letter: Blaming Republicans

Concerning Bill Rutherford’s letter (May 10), I’m grateful to Mr. Rutherford for enlightening me on why, as a Republican, I have caused all the problems facing our country and the world. I’m sure it was an innocent oversight on his part, but he omitted from his list the dangerous decline in the honey bee population and the cancellation of his favorite television shows for the upcoming season. I’m sure that he feels the Republicans are responsible for those events as well.

There is so much wrong with Mr. Rutherford’s partisan diatribe. Just to scratch the surface, he claims Republicans are “pro-war” and “pro-deficit.” He seems to have conveniently forgotten that President Clinton involved our country in the Balkans conflict during the 1990s. Or more recently, that President Obama enthusiastically involved our country in the Libyan conflict and is attempting to do the same in Syria. Also, perhaps he doesn’t realize Obama will have generated the largest deficit (based on a projection for his eight years in office) of any president in American history.

No doubt that the next time Mr. Rutherford doesn’t receive his Idaho Statesman, it will be the Republicans’ fault.

Randy Poole, Boise