Letters to the Editor

Letter: State government

Wow! Opened the paper this morning, May 12, and read the letters. I loved all of them because people are finally catching on about the state government. Nothing like Butch Otter being bought by his rich friends to take this state to its lowest of lows. Lets see, the Legislature – What did they do this whole session, except to do nothing and get paid for it. My cats could do a better job. They get too much money for doing nothing. They belong under the bridge instead of the homeless. Child support? Are you kidding me? The best letter of all was the short one about Butch Otter. I couldn’t have said it better myself. By the way, who is running this state? I am an animal activist, so everyone should know how I feel about his decision on animal cruelty. Otter doesn’t use his power – his rich friends do. I have never seen a governor that can make more stupid decisions. Women need child support to put a roof over their children’s heads and food in their mouths. Cannabis oil helps children control seizures. I wish I could be bought like that, I could use the money. Don’t forget, the love of money is the fruit of all evil.

Karen Bianchetti, Boise