Letters to the Editor

Vehicle registration laws

I am writing about the new increases in vehicle registration that Butch Otter feels we need to pay. I can understand the need for it. What I cannot understand is the poor enforcement of the registration laws. Just about anytime you want, anywhere in this state, you can drive around and spot vehicles with expired license tags. I have seen vehicles from out of state with tags that were expired two years ago. Seems that the worst offenders are from Texas and California. A while back I noticed this lady kept dropping her kids off at school from Texas, and her plates had expired one year ago. I told a law enforcement official here in Gem County and he just laughed and said “oh that’s just someone just scamming the system.” He did not bother to investigate. I guess it is OK to scam the system here in Gem County. I see this all the time in most of the counties of this state. Look around when you’re driving and see for yourself. I see people parking at homes, apartments with out of state plates, a lot of the time expired.

Mark Lawrence, Emmett