Letters to the Editor

Letter: Discrimination

It’s a shame there is no new land that we can go inhabit were we wouldn’t be discriminated against and persecuted because of our beliefs or religion. Wait, that’s America, where we live free, or at least it used to be.

It’s wrong to tell someone how to live, what to believe and who they should love. It is our God-given right to go out into the world and find that certain someone that makes us feel that love connection that we all so desperately need. Whether it is male or female, we still have the right to love and marry that certain someone, without having to defend and prove to someone that it is OK.

We should be looking at this legal system that makes slot machine legal in a state where gambling isn’t legal, and gay marriage is still a legal issue. Some laws are old and don’t really make sense, then there are some that never should have been written at all.

Based on these facts the Supreme Court shouldn’t spend any more time on the marriage issue and just make it legal, so that no one is told whom they can or can’t marry.

Jon Wagner, Boise