Letters to the Editor

Letter: Child support

Are you aware that our state Legislature did not pass a federal bill for child support? I was so upset with the lack of responsiveness of the Legislature for not even voting on the child support legislation, SB 1067. This bill never made it out of committee, creating a backlash and possible loss of $46 million of Federal funding to children support. Gov. Butch Otter called for a special session of the Idaho Legislature on May 18 but to gain support he has revised the current bill to satisfy the legislators who have linked our cooperating with international countries with Shariah (Islamic Law). They have crafted a bill to state that other states will have to cooperate with Idaho law. Please write your legislators to demand they pass the original bill. I was able to compile 1,280 signatures in favor of this bill as written.

As a physical therapist, the insurance companies can refuse payment on any services they deem not medically necessary. I would also like to have the Legislature pay back their salaries for not completing their jobs. Sounds fair to me.

Note: A new child support bill, HB 1 passed the Legislature and was signed by Otter.

Jill Thompson, Garden City