Letters to the Editor

Letter: Violence and police

In regards to a May 8 opinion by Richard Eppink of the ACLU:

There remains a disparity in the quality of life between many Americans. However, it should never be permissible or tolerated for one human being to express frustration with poverty or any station in life with violence toward another human being.

Martin Luther King Jr. was very proactive. But never did he incite violence toward the people who were oppressing his generation. These acts of violence are not isolated to the recent rioting in St. Louis and Baltimore. These acts of violence have occurred daily for years in the communities where blacks are treated with a higher level of aggressive policing.

In your fight for justice and humanity, please remember accountability. The best way to avoid being shot by a police officer is to not break the law.

Until you are willing to take up the duty to protect your community against violent criminals, please be respectful in your language to those who risk their lives to protect every American. These officers should have every possible weaponry and armament, including the support of the communities they protect. Remember that these officers are also victims of the disparity between white and black America.

Jeremiah Roach, Boise