Letters to the Editor

Letter: Ill prisoners

After reading the news article in regard to the convicts and their terrible health problems, I’m wondering just what would be gained by shortening their terms and sending them out into the outside world? Yes, we pay big bucks taking care of them in prison, but what would happen when they would hit our society? They can’t hold a job, so we pay for a place to house and feed them; they can’t afford health insurance, so the taxpayers will also foot that bill. Then, of course, when things get worse, we pay for hospice care. The taxpayer gets hit either way. Keep them where they belong, paying for what they have done to society. I do agree some have been handed sentences for drugs and burglary that even exceed some recent sentences for murder, which to me doesn’t seem just, but that is just the gamble taken when a person decides to commit certain acts.

Bob Huntley, Mountain Home