Letters to the Editor

Letter: Trout

The article about how long trout are kept out of the water, I found confusing and misleading. You had a picture of a steelhead and there was no mention in the article about steelhead. Nor was there any mention of the abuse “they” receive, after being hooked, netted and lifted over the side of a drift boat to land on the deck ,flopping, then being wrestled down so the hook /hooks can be wrenched with pliers from their mouth / head, picked up and handed to someone else for a picture taking and then returned to the water, in a number of ways. This I have witnessed (and needed no binoculars) from the bank, and even in the boat I was in. I know not everyone fishes this way; there are lots of knowledgeable and respectable fishermen and women out there.

Maybe the next research should be on steelhead. I think some guidelines on proper etiquette on the river are long overdue.

Like hunter safety, maybe fish safety. Let’s think about educating the public.

Remember, “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

Robbin Tower, North Fork