Letters to the Editor

Letter: National Day of Reason

May 7 was a busy day for most people. Idaho Gives made over $1million for charity. May’s First Thursday meant no parking downtown after 4 o’clock. And at noon at the Capitol building, the National Day of Prayer and National Day of Reason went head-to-head. From noon to 1:30 p.m., the rotunda held worship, while outside Treasure Valley Coalition of Reason had speakers emphasizing why that was unacceptable.

I know many people did not go to either event, since it was held during traditional lunch hours. I know the rain kept people home and indoors rather than coming out to support any kind of political/social cause. But for the ones who came out in support of reason, logic and the separation of church and state, you truly warmed my heart. Thank you to all the speakers, including local atheist activists and politicians, our friend Rabbi Fink, and the prestigious Dr. Richard Carrier. Thank you to the Treasure Valley Coalition of Reason, Idaho Atheists and Humanists of Idaho for throwing a fantastic rally in the rain.

Lauren Studley, Boise