Letters to the Editor

Letter: Bergdahl

Regarding “Bowe Bergdahl, a case nobody wants to see go to trial.” Really? What are the sources for this statement? Did the L.A. Times conduct a nationwide poll? I, and probably many others, want to see this case go to trial so the military can lay out the facts, barring any further interference from our commander in chief. The Statesman continues to saturate its readers with liberal perspective via reprints from its usual sources. In this instance, compliments of the LA Times, we are fed a lengthy rendition of the Bergdahl drama that is meandering hogwash. We are shown numbers stating that since 2001 hundreds and even thousands of soldiers have abandoned their units, thus seemingly minimizing Bergdahl’s case. However, the article then admits that these statistics mostly come from bases here in the U.S.; “Bergdahl’s case is a rare example of a soldier abandoning a unit deployed in Afghanistan or Iraq.” Rare? Is there another case even remotely similar to the specifics surrounding Bergdahl’s? Is there another case that carries the additional charge of “misbehavior before the enemy?” Citing meaningless statistics of cases that are vastly different from Bergdahl’s doesn’t mitigate his actions; rather, it substantiates the charges against him.

Charlie Nations, Eagle