Letters to the Editor

Letter: Thank you

I want to thank Chipotle restaurant for working on getting GMO (genetically modified organisms) ingredients out of its foods. I am finding it harder and harder to trust restaurant food.

Two Washington Post articles demonizing Chipotle for increasing its level of health choices make a reader wonder why The Post cares so much. It’s really quite simple. Those of us who have done our own research and work to avoid GMOs will be going to Chipotle.

One article’s point was that people shouldn’t confuse Chipotle’s behavior with real corporate responsibility. I see Chipotle’s change as answering the demand the public is starting to call for. That’s all.

The other article seemed to be saying GMO foods must be safe because it isn’t proven that they are unsafe. Thanks for the analysis, but there might be some validity problems here.

Both articles mentioned a large number of scientists that believed GMOs to be safe. Is that with or without research? Last I heard, the FDA tried to put Monsanto in charge of any research pertaining to GMO food safety. Talk about putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. Monsanto declined so no one was researching the question.

Donna Brown, Garden City