Letters to the Editor

Letter: Butch Otter

It’s obvious that Gov. Butch Otter doesn’t like black presidents, gays, wolves, Democrats, the federal government, affordable health care, teachers, students, labor unions or the Simplot Mansion.

Butch wastes taxpayer money suing the Democrat in the White House because there’s a Democrat in the White House. Alaska isn’t the only state with a bridge to nowhere.

Butch is against raising Idaho’s minimum wage. Shoot, doesn’t he realize that if Idahoans made more money we could buy more guns? That would earn him another gold star from the NRA.

During Butch’s watch, education in Idaho is underfunded, yet there’s revenue available to kill wolves. I guess last in education but first in dead wolves will be his legacy.

Idaho has laws prohibiting child abuse, spousal abuse and animal abuse. It’s time to address constituent abuse. Oops, strike animal abuse. I forgot that Idaho now has the anti-terrorist Ag-Gag law. It falls under the authority of the Idaho Department of Dairyland Security.

Broadband Butch was re-elected. Maybe now he’ll represent all Idahoans equally. Maybe he’ll raise Idaho’s ranking among the states. Maybe he’ll use his powers for good instead of ... nah. What was I thinking?

Ken White, Twin Falls