Letters to the Editor

Letter: Abortion

The idea of killing an unborn child is unthinkable. And the process is sad and gruesome. But with that being said, I still don’t believe that making abortion illegal is right. It should be the woman’s choice. When abortion was illegal 50 years ago, women resorted to dangerous and drastic methods. Methods that usually resulted in either infertility, disease or even death. In Chile abortion is illegal, and even if there is danger to the mother, they still can’t get an abortion, and there is jail time for having one. The women of Chile developed a method of abortion where they will “accidentally” walk in front of a speeding car while crossing the street, or “accidentally” trip and fall down flights of stairs. It is awful how women feel the need to take those measures in order to have an abortion. Should abortion be the first choice? No, there are many other decisions that can be made, but it still needs to be a choice even if others don’t agree with it. Wouldn’t you rather see your loved ones have a safe procedure even if you don’t agree with their choice?

Brooke Robinson, Kuna