Letters to the Editor

Letter: Loose moose

I was horrified by the judgment of the Idaho Fish and Game Department personnel who were so heartless to transport the poor moose back to the wilds where it was trying to escape from for the second time. It should be obvious that the moose re-entry to Boise City was seeking human protection from wild predators. Where were its moose companions? Possibly killed by ferocious wolves.

Compare the moose’s plight to asylum seekers trying to reach a better life in Europe, just to be turned back to conditions they were trying for the second time to escape from. It is doubtful the supposed “ticks” were what caused the moose’s erratic behavior to enter the apparent safety of Boise City.

The camera showed the moose to be a magnificent, exotic animal, a perfect candidate for Zoo Boise. Couldn’t the zoo make room for one more mouth to feed? One that would have been its star attraction? I bet there would have been a contest to pick out a name for this beautiful animal. My heart feels for the fate of this poor animal. I am not recommending Zoo Boise take in the more common deer and elk, but the moose is a rarity.

Richard J. Nourse, Meridian