Letters to the Editor

Letter: CWI land purchase

The recent decision of CWI to purchase prime development ground on the river in Downtown Boise is not an efficient use of public finances. With all of the available lower-priced land in the Boise or Meridian suburbs, a better long-term plan would be to purchase enough land for long-term growth and expansion. Our valley continues to grow, and CWI serves an important function in higher education. Purchasing expensive downtown ground that has no contiguous expansion capability, except for more costly vertical construction, does not seem to fit well for a community college budget. A larger suburban site would also allow for a comprehensive campus environment, including space for athletic fields, agriculture programs, construction and shop buildings, etc. Heck, what's wrong with expanding the existing site in Nampa?

And for us baseball folks, having a CWI baseball program such as TVCC (Ontario) and CSI (Twin Falls) would allow for local high school graduates to feed into CWI for athletic pursuits. Sure would be nice to have all of that on one, beautiful campus setting.

Alan Marino, Boise