Letters to the Editor

Letter: Support performers

There’s Coachella, there’s Sasquatch, there’s South by Southwest and now there’s Treefort. I attended every night and it was excellent. I really enjoyed watching how everything came together. It was a combination of capitalism and socialism working hand in hand. Volunteering is a form of socialism, and they had hundreds. Loading up your van with equipment and traveling 500 miles to play 40 minutes is raw capitalism. I’d like to thank the performers for coming and the Shriners and Methodists for the use of their buildings. I’d like to thank the motels for giving performers a place to stay and the police for laying low. All in all it was the best Boise has to offer. Zero violence, great acts and good food.. Thanks to all of you who helped put it on, and yes, I’ll be there next year. It’s only going to get better.

Larry Lugar, Boise