Letters to the Editor

Letter: Health care

I think that health care is important and everyone should have the right to be seen even if they don’t have Medicaid. I remember when my cousin got sick he looked like he was dying. We took him to the hospital so they could see what was wrong. At first they didn’t want to look at him because he didn’t have any health care. They told us that he had to have some type of health care in order to be seen. I told them that he didn’t have any of that and if they could please just check on him. Finally, though, after we brought him in and they saw how bad he looked, they decided to look at him and treat him. If a person shows up to a clinic or hospital, they should be seen no matter what. It could turn out to be a life-or-death situation. Because of Idaho law not everyone has the power to get health care for themselves or their family. In other states, though, they can get health care and afford it. I think that everyone should have equal right to health care so they get treated properly.

Ivan Montoya, Boise