Letters to the Editor

Letter: Presidential candidates

We are now seeing the candidates who will run for president in 2016. The candidate that I’d like to see emerge is a pragmatic problem-solver instead of a firebrand ideologue. Let me offer an example.

Obamacare has provided almost 16 million Americans with health insurance who were not previously insured. This appeals to my compassionate side. The pragmatic side of me is exceedingly glad that I am not paying for the uninsured to get their health care delivered at the emergency room; the most expensive way to address health issues. The ACA also rewards positive health outcomes rather than paying for the number of procedures performed on a patient — another critical common sense change to how health care is delivered in the USA.

There are aspects of the ACA that need to be revised. This is no surprise, but it will require good faith discussions and not simply angry calls for repeal. That is the nature of problem-solving. And it needs to be applied to immigration, infrastructure, tax reform and trade policies as well.

Will you join me in rewarding problem solvers in 2016? Or will we retreat to our angry ideological camps and yell at each other?

John Lodal, Boise