Letters to the Editor

Letter: Baltimore rioters

With the riots in Baltimore, it is clear that general support for the pro-rioters and anti-rioters is divided among party lines. Why are conservatives the first to bash their fellow man for taking up a cause and not backing down in the face of oppression? Why is it that liberals will defend the rioters but accuse the police of brutality when rocks get thrown at them? In our day and age we can make a general assumption on an issue based on party lines, which needs a change. I can assure you having been a participant during the 2006 British Punk Invasion Riot in San Bernardino, Calif., that not all cops are racist nor do they want to hurt everybody in their sights. Cops are simply doing their jobs. It is a tough job that requires split second decisions. Same goes for the conservative thinkers out there. Not everybody who shows up to protest is a criminal that wants to rob and pillage. We need to start thinking outside of the box and start thinking of how to overcome the issues that our country deals with as one, not apart.

Jake Lamberton, Eagle