Letters to the Editor

Letter: CWI land purchase

The College of Western Idaho looks to buy 10 acres of prime land in West Boise to build a minimum $150 million campus funded by taxpayer bonds and pay zilch in property taxes to the city and county. Sounds like a great deal.

Why do college administrators like to build edifices? So they can point to their achievement on their job resume and move to higher paying institutions.

Trustees claim due diligence because they had a “good feel” for values looking around. A good feel means they want to pay 2.4 times the tax assessor’s value and don’t see a need to hire an independent appraiser. Maybe it is time to remove this board of trustees. Recall anyone?

Seems when we are touting online education and less traffic on our roads (remember air quality), CWI thinks they need to consolidate on one huge campus. Does this add cost of travel to student budgets? Will education fees and student fees increase to maintain this campus? Multiple campuses spread throughout the Treasure Valley make sense for student management of time and budget. Remember the CWI president wants to end rent of $1 million a year so we can pay his $150 million bond.

Bonnie Krupp, Boise