Letters to the Editor

Letter: Cannabis oil

I want to thank Clare Carey for her tireless efforts to get the cannabidiol oil bill passed in the Idaho Legislature. Thanks also goes to Sen. Curt McKenzie and Rep. Tom Loertscher for the effort with their State Affairs committees that allowed the vote to come to the entire Legislature.

The bill passed, against all odds, in both the House and Senate. It was a refreshing example of bipartisan cooperation that clearly put the hopes and prayers of families whose children suffer with intractable seizures above any political or other agenda.

In spite of the desires of a majority of his own party, Gov. Butch Otter chose to veto the bill, summarily dashing the hopes and prayers of many families around the state who are out of options to help their children. The governor’s comments essentially said the oil is too speculative and not scientific enough. What about the long-term effect on a child taking up to three different seizure medications every day? The very same medications that are only tested on adults in clinical trials because researchers fear the risks to children. Do those drugs seem less speculative than the oil from a plant?

Ron Gambassi, Boise