Letters to the Editor

Letter: Idaho GOP

Idaho GOP should have received 20 to life, Idaho Gov. Otter life without parole, and the people who voted for them made to pay the damages.

Idaho GOP and Gov. Otter recently received a D- for integrity, which is understandable in Idaho because the GOP can never find any wrongdoing.

Idaho Corruption Risk Report Card Rank among 50 states: 41st.

Overall grade: D-.

Scandals include the Pam Lowe case, Tax Commission with Royce Chigbrow doing favors for his son, CCA, Broadband, Luna laws, Teresa Luna (April 27 Statesman), a long list of other corruption, and some we’ll never know about.

I hope the people who voted for Otter feel as bright as they must be to be taken again.

Just because the entire world is watching, don’t feel too bad, suckers, even a billionaire can be taken by liars, cheats, crooks and thieves like Otter, Labrador, Risch, Crapo, Simpson and Idaho GOP.

Idaho GOP tell you every day those crooks in D.C. are stealing from you, all the while their hand is in your pockets — they steal your identity, money and and freedom.

Scott Tisthammer, Boise