Letters to the Editor

Letter: Medicare ‘Doc Fix’

We have joined together to voice our gratitude for Rep. Mike Simpson’s vote in favor of landmark entitlement reform legislation that ends uncertainty our seniors face when accessing health care services under Medicare. The Sustainable Growth Rate formula (aka “Doc Fix”) created a situation where health care providers were unable to provide services at the reimbursement rates offered by Medicare, which translated into fewer doctors willing to accept Medicare patients. Patients were faced with the uncertain future of losing trusted doctors and transferring their care numerous times, as fewer doctors were willing to accept Medicaid patients.

The Doc Fix bill passed with overwhelming, bipartisan support and now ensures that doctors can be confident they will be able to continue to serve their patients effectively. Not only does this greatly enhance the services available to Medicare subscribers, the advantage to taxpayers is substantial. The Congressional Budget Office estimates this bill could provide savings of $230 billion dollars in years to come and also avoid tax increases.

We applaud Simpson’s role in ensuring that consistent, accessible health care is available to our seniors and that doctors are empowered to provide the best care for their patients.

James Adamson, CEO, Mountain View Hospital; Dan Cravens, chairman, Bingham County Republican Party; Josh Tolman, chief administrative officer, Mountain View Hospital and Jeff Thompson, State Representative, District 30