Letters to the Editor

Letter: Balanced budget

Hooooorah, good ol’ Idaho, my beloved state, has a balanced budget. Meanwhile our schools are in facility shambles, if not fiscally; our roads and bridges are in shambles; needed Medicare coverage is in shambles; preschool discussions are in shambles; educational tech access is in shambles; gun control is in shambles; INL nuclear agreements are in shambles; bigotry, bias, prejudices and equal treatment for all is in shambles; religious freedom is in shambles; the rights of cities to govern themselves is in shambles; trust in government is in shambles; child support collections program was in question; breaks for the rich and corporate Idaho seem to be the prevailing mantra when taxes are the topic; and corruption within our government is at an all-time high, with nobody in the Legislature seeming to care.

There seems to be time to banter around about salamanders, Hindu prayers, taking back federal lands even when studies say no, but then there is last-minute “heroics” for schools, roads, anti-federal alignment for child support laws and so on. But, hooooorah, Idaho does have a balanced budget, and the legislative brain trust thinks we had a great legislative session. Hmmmm.

Tom Farley, Star